GoodNews 1.4.8-pl (2017-02-16)
- [#39] added subscribers export feature
- refined subscribers grid display (more details, better differentiability)
- [#6] added bulk actions to susbcribers grid
- fixed a critical bug in subscriber authentication (as a result from a merge conflict)

GoodNews 1.4.7-pl (2017-12-12)
- added edit icon to grid row in Settings -> Container grid
- [#56] fixed broken chunksPath in goodnewssubscription.class.php
- fixed some typos in lexicons
- [#57] exlude mailto links from link manipulation (_fullURLs method)
- [#54] fixed typos in sample.GoodNewsSubscriptionBoxTpl Chunk
- [#53] fixed typo in requestlinks.class.php
- [#52] fixed typo in sample.GoodNewsContentCollectionRowTpl
- [#51] fixed typos in LOG_LEVEL_WARN constant
- send mail method now also respects mail port setting from MODX system settings
- removed path and TV resolvers from setup process
- fixed a problem in Registration/Subscription process where username wasn't checked before trying to create user
- added feature to use GoodNewsUpdateProfile Snippet for logged in MODX users (not only via sid URL param)

GoodNews 1.4.6-pl (2017-03-10)
- fixed a problem where Subscriber placeholders in newsletter templates were URL encoded before processing
- fixed a PHP warning: Undefined variable: base
- removed permission check for „Toggle send process“
- removed grid flickering (grid mask) when auto-refresh is activated
- fixed a problem where GoodNews groups which were assigned to MODX user groups couldn't be unassigned

GoodNews 1.4.5-pl (2017-02-19)
- exclude blocked MODX users from recipients collection
- fixed a problem in Subscription controller when &usernameField property is set
- [#43] complete rewrite of automatic full URL conversion (now respects #anchor links external links and protocol-relative URLs)
- fixed errors in package uninstall process
- refined Package installer and uninstaller to output more usefull informations
- added setup options to package installer to enable/disable installation of sample Resource documents
- added system setting to enable/disable automatic URL conversion in email body
- fixed "Created by" dropdown username display in mailing editor
- "Save" button in mailing editor has now MODX primary button color
- fixed a problem where selecting Collection rows didn't fire a resource form change ("Save" button wasn't activated)
- [#17] added newsletter send-log viewer and log-file export to CSV
- changed row expander icons for newsletter and subscribers grid to make it clear that rows can be expanded
- fixed issues with array fields in GoodNewsUpdateProfile snippet (fix by @Jako taken from Register snippet/Login package)
- removed superfluous default 'isset' parameter from getProperty calls (fix by @Jako taken from Register snippet/Login package)
- fixed a very stupid and old bug in lock-file handling
- mail subjects are now converted to charset of mailing (contributed by @mindeffects)
- fixed a missing index log entry in cron.php
- fixed a problem (since MODX 2.5.2) in goodnews.class.php constructor when executed in CLI mode
- fixed issues with array fields in GoodNewsSubscription snippet (fix by @Jako taken from Register snippet/Login package)

GoodNews 1.4.2-pl (2016-10-29)
- fixed subscriber "Created on" problem (conflicting field names since MODX 1.5.x users have an explicit createdon field)
- fixed emptying cachepwd field when subscription is confirmed
- fixed sending activation email if activationEmail property is not set
- fixed a problem with detecting extended fields in form
- fixed Custom Resource Properties Resolver in GoodNews container installation (unsubscribeResource and profileResource properties)
- fixed template assignement for sample resources on package upgrade
- corrected poor thinking in registration-confirm resource

GoodNews 1.4.1-pl (2016-03-02)
- Added all missing custom validators from Login extra
- Added snippets, resources and chunks to allow full MODX user registration including newsletter subscription on a single page
- Even more refined subscription process
- Missing snippet params dont break Subscription, RequestLinks and ConfirmSubscription snippets any longer
- [#40] newsletter templates now have full access to all modUserProfile and GoodNewsSubscriberMeta fields as placeholders
- fixed a bug with tvs_below_content setting in Mailing editor
- [#3] send a status email to newsletter sender if mailing status changes
- renamed preinstalled Resource domcuments to prevent overwriting of existing
- preinstalled Resource documents aren't moved to tree root on package update (Installer)
- [#38] fixed a php warning in processhandler class

GoodNews 1.4.0-pl (2015-11-05)
- completely revised the Subscriber registration system (front-end)
- new professional system mail templates (activation, success, request links, etc.)
- fixed a few nasty bugs in Susbcriber registration
- [#22] enable subscription of users which already have an account in the MODX instance
- [#21] enable re-subscription of users with cancelled or forgotten subscriptions
- fixed security/privacy problems (now front-end forms will never tell if email addresses already exists)

GoodNews 1.3.9-pl (2015-10-23)
- improved robustness of mail processing
- fixed a nasty bug with lockfile handling + recipient status update
- fixed error messages in GoodNews installer while updating database schema (...field allready exists)
- added "public" field to Groups (same behaviour as in Categories)
- changed behaviour of "public" field for Categories and makes it possible to send newsletters to non-public Categories

GoodNews 1.3.8-pl (2015-09-13)
- fixed a bug in combining filters on Subscribers grid
- [#34] added Category filter to Subscribers grid
- added Activated filter to Subscribers grid
- added plugin version and icons to action-toolbar
- reordered newsletter grid context menu (now it should be more logical)
- removed/disabled Delete action (menu and button) from mailing when sending is in progress 
- added action buttons to newsletters grid
- [#35] fixed a problem with send counter when timed out mails are detected
- the Mail Summary field is now able to grow in it's height when text is entered
- small graphical fixes
- refined some lexicon strings

GoodNews 1.3.7-pl (2015-06-29)
- fixed a PHP warning in MODX error log
- added preset for Mandrill SMTP service settings
- added feature to let each container have it's own SMTP settings (overrides MODX system settings)
- added feature to let each container have it's own mail charset and mail encoding settings (overrides MODX system settings)

GoodNews 1.3.6-pl (2015-03-29)
- added French translation (thank's Julien Studer!)
- fixed missing english strings + small typo in lexicon
- fixed a bug when sorting the Subscribers grid by subscription date
- added indicator in mailing editor if mailing is in read-only mode (sending already started)
- fixed waring message when mailing resource is in read-only mode
- fixed some PHP warnings if collections field of mailing_meta is empty (happens for resources prior to version 1.3.0-pl)
- [#33] Integrate functionality to auto-detect images and convert physical image dimensions based on src or style attributes
- fixed a problem in ContentCollection snippet when using tplWrapper
- removed ContentCollectionSnippet output if collection is empty

GoodNews 1.3.5-pl (2014-12-10)
- added ability to click on newsletter title to edit the newsletter
- added a switch above Newsletters grid to quickly activate/deactivate send-processes
- [#32] Add back an indicator for displaying if sending processes are activated/deactivated in settings
- fixed a problem in System settings when Admin or Editor group names have leading or trailing spaces
- fixed a bug with slider value displays in GoodNews - System settings
- [#30] added indicator in GoodNews - System Checks for requirement of PHP versions > 5.3.0
- fixed a bug in resource rendering (this was a tricky one!)

GoodNews 1.3.4-pl (2014-12-03)
- fixed a problem where Resource Collections aren't restored correctly from database
- added container filter dropdown in Resource Collections grid (better user experience)
- removed grouping by container in Resource Collections grid
- added PHP 5.3 (or later) requirement to readme.txt
- again fixed another small bug in how cron security keys are checked :)
- fixed a problem where Resource Collections are empty on first load (no Collections array available in mailing_meta)

GoodNews 1.3.3-pl (2014-11-16)
- fixed an issue with checkboxes causing text-parsing problems when using the "required" validator
- [#5] Render warning message to GoodNews forms if Snippets are mis-configured
- fixed a few PHP warnings in goodnewssubscriptioncontroller.class.php
- when updating the subscription profile: update form fields with new values when reloadOnSuccess = false
- [#29] Frontend: groups checkboxes output is falsely rendered inside html form fieldset for each single group
- [#28] Frontend: Subscription snippet - crashes during validation if email field is empty
- improved username creation in Subscriber Importer (we now use the userid part of the email address)

GoodNews 1.3.2-pl (2014-11-01)
- [#27] Subscriber meta data not created for existing MODX users when using the "Import Update Feature"
- [#26] Editing a GoodNews Container - mailing templates category dropdown doesn't list all Categories
- small lexicon adjustments to better match MODX 2.3

GoodNews 1.3.1-pl (2014-10-28)
- [#25] Extend Subscriber Importer to enable "Update" of existing subscribers
- fixed a bug in Import console window (console window is now destroyed after closing)
- fixed a bug in German lexicon file (missing semicolon could lead to white page -> sorry for this!)
- GoodNews management interface now takes account of MODX manager date and time format settings
- deleted mailing editor users are now recognized and it's id is now shown instead empty string

GoodNews 1.3.0-pl (2014-10-13)
- [#15] new feature: Content collector

GoodNews 1.2.2-pl (2014-09-15)
- some small cosmetical changes in forms

GoodNews 1.2.1-pl (2014-09-14)
- adapted searchfilter fields + reset buttons above grids to match MODX 2.3 style
- added debug-mode status to System Checks table
- [#24] fixed rendering of grids in tab panels (resizing problem)
- fixed some PHP warnings in getgroupcatnodes.class.php
- fixed some IMAP warnings in bounce handler

GoodNews 1.2.0-pl (2014-09-09)
- [#23] fixed PHP memory limit problem on server with huge list of subscribers
- complete rewrite on how the sending engine handles recipients!
- huge performance increase and much better memory management for sending engine
- many other small memory and performance related enhancements
- added sending error counter to mailing grid

GoodNews 1.1.7-pl (2014-09-02)
- [#20] new feature to manually disable multiprocessing
- fixed another small bug in how cron security keys are checked :)
- added error handler loading to cron.php and cron.worker.php (needed since MODX 2.3+)

GoodNews 1.1.6-pl (2014-08-24)
- [#19] new feature to request secure links via email
- security fix for subscribers getlist processor
- fixed wrong width of "Created By" combo field in mailing editor
- fileuploadfield extension only needs to be loaded in MODX < 2.3 (natively supported in MODX >= 2.3)
- removed custom form field description styles - using default MODx style
- added feature to manually reset bounce counters of a subscriber
- Cosmetical changes to Groups/Categories tree
- added row-expander to subscribers grid for detailed informations and save grid space
- moved  subscriber id to row epander
- moved  subscriber ip address to row epander
- small corrections/changes in lexicon strings

GoodNews 1.1.5-pl (2014-07-25)

- additional CSS fixes (because of last minute changes in Revo 2.3)
- small corrections/changes in lexicon strings
- changed Auto-Refresh toggle to ExtJs Cycle element for better UX
- other small cosmetical changes to match new Revo 2.3 manager skin
- removed Cron trigger status field (and make worker_process_active == true by default)

GoodNews 1.1.4-pl (2014-07-20)

- [#12] You have changes pending; are you sure you want to cancel?
- added contentblocks_replacement class to make GoodNews compatible with ContentBlocks 1.1

GoodNews 1.1.3-pl (2014-07-17)

- removed version_compare JS plugin and all it's references
- implemented a legacyMode flag for detecting older MODX versions (< 2.3)

GoodNews 1.1.2-pl (2014-07-14)

- fixed some installation issues (missing or wrong default settings, default container template)
- changed default bounce handling settings to more secure values

GoodNews 1.1.1-pl (2014-07-09)

- added SB + HB column to Subscribers grid
- fixed deleteSubscribers + updateSubscribers methods (also added groupmember and sudo check!)

GoodNews 1.1.0-pl (2014-07-09)

- added automatic bounce handling (parsing bounced emails and automatically handle subscriber status)
- moved all protected container settings into GoodNews system settings
- added system check for PHP Imap extension
- added auto-cleanup of susbcriptions (remove never activated accounts)
- added ID column to Subscribers grid

GoodNews 1.0.4-pl (2014-06-16)

- [#11] Compatibility problems with Revolution >= 2.3

GoodNews 1.0.3-pl (2014-06-10)

- [#10] cron.php cannot be called without the sid parameter when security key setting is disabled
- [#9] cron.worker.php throws a warning to the MODX error log (Invalid argument supplied for foreach())

GoodNews 1.0.2-pl (2014-06-08)

- [#7] Mailing: selection of subscribers in a category will erroneously also select the full group

GoodNews 1.0.1-pl

- added feature/properties to optionally send user an email after successful subscription
- added preinstalled Resource for successful subscriptions when activation isn't required

GoodNews 1.0.0-pl

- first stable release

GoodNews 1.0.0-beta3

- added subscribers ip tracking
- added subscription box chunk to place subscription form somewhere on site
- fixed missing security check if user is entitled to manage GoodNews container

GoodNews 1.0.0-beta2

- added necessary code to provide support for Revo version >= 2.3
- added Revo version detection for backwards compatibillity
- fixed a bug in multiprocessed sending (catch some rare race conditions)

GoodNews 1.0.0-beta1

- first public beta release