This document is a work in progress!

This is the documentation for the GoodNews back-end - or in MODX terms - the Manager Interface.

Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Mailings tab

The GoodNews back-end is built for ease of use and to provide the best integration into the MODX user interface. If you know how to work with MODX Resources you will easily step into the GoodNews mailing interface.

Each GoodNews mailing document is basically a MODX Resource enhanced with the necessary fields to define an email document. All mailing resources are stored "inside" GoodNews containers - which are also special MODX Resource documents.

Mailing resources will not be listed in the MODX Tree. Only their corresponding containers are treated like normal MOD Resource documents which are visible and handled within the tree.

Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Mailings Containers in Resource Tree