This document is a work in progress!

General Settings

Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Settings - General

Container Settings

Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Settings - Container

Each GoodNews Mailing Container holds it's own set of preferences regarding bounce handling, email behavior and access permissions, which can be edited by right-clicking a container from the list and choosing Edit Container Settings.

The GoodNews container settings are protected and can only be edited by authorized users.

You can read more about the following Container settings:

System Settings

In System tab you can mainly adjust and fine-tune how the sending processes behave.

Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Settings - System

The following settings are available here:

  • Mailing-Bulk Size
    Defines how many mails are sent by one sending process.
  • Maximum Count of Sending Processes
    Defines how many Sending Processes may be started simultaneous by the sending engine.
  • Sending Process activated
    Here you can enable/disable the sending engine completely.
  • Cron Security Key (optional)
    To increase security, it is strongly recommended to setup your Cron-Job to submit the additional command line parameter sid. As sid value you need to choose a random (long, password-like) string which will be used by GoodNews to identify the Cron-Job.
    Once you entered a value here, the sending engine can only be triggered if the Cron-Job also submits the appropriate sid value.

About Info Screen

In the About GoodNews tab you can find version informations and some system status checks.

Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Settings - About

An important information is the Multi processing status. Here you can see if the GoodNews sending engine is capable of handling parallel processes in your server environment.