We just open sourced GoodNews - the newsletter and group-mailer add-on for MODX Revo and made it completely free! The GitHub repository is now public and contributions and pull requests, to make this software even more premium, are welcome!

This was not an easy decision, but we think it's the best for this software. We know this step will bring GoodNews to a new level of quality by opening development to the great MODX community. Development will go on as with the paid version!

Existing customers are still eligible for their 1 year free support via email starting with the date of purchase!

The full repo can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/gadgetto/GoodNews Contributions and pull request are welcome!
The latest package 1.4.6-pl is already submitted to the MODX package provider and should be available shortly.

If you are an existing customer and have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!