Good News for GoodNews! (sorry couldn't resist)

Martin Gartner 25.07.2017

We just open sourced GoodNews - the newsletter and group-mailer add-on for MODX Revo and made it completely free! The GitHub repository is now public and contributions and pull requests, to make this software even more premium, are welcome! Full Article

Protect a FormIt web form from spam without using a Captcha?

Martin Gartner 26.05.2014

Since lately the FormIt driven contact form in our website footer got bombed with hundreds of spam messages each day. So I decided to change the spam protection to a more robust one. Since using this method we did receive a grand total of zero messages created by spam bots! You can read how I achieved this in the following tutorial. Full Article

Create a Stylish News Archive with Articles and Archivist

Martin Gartner 22.01.2014

In one of our last projects we built a nice and clean News Archive for the customers news database with more then 3000 (and growing) news articles. The news are hosted by the popular Articles MODX add-on. In the past I read (and answered) questions in the MODX forums about how to use Articles and the Archivist add-on to create such archive pages. So I … Full Article